Monday, March 3, 2008

Give us Barabbas!

Remember the scene when Jesus was taken before the Jews by Pilate? Jesus was in His blood-stained robe, wearing a crown of thorns, maybe having His hands chained (feet even), and also a new garment of scars(what the movies depict rite)? And then Pilate asked the Jews, "It is your custom to release a prisoner during the Passover feast every year. So, Hu? Jesus or Barabbas?"

"Give us Barabbas!"
"woohoo, yeayea yea! Barabbas!"
"Ba-rab-bas! Ba-rab-bas! Ba-rab-bas!"

And so, the murderer who has taken part in an insurrection was released. Have you ever wondered why the Jews liked him so much? It's not like they hated Jesus to the extent that they are willing to release anyone except Jesus, even the worst of prisoners. It's because they liked him(maybe). Imagine, the authorities in Darlie's (say, it's a boy) school is disliked very much by Darlie and his friends. Then, Darlie rebelled(insurrected), but of course, he was kicked out of school. Then came the headmaster's retirement and all of a sudden, he says, "I'm bringing a student back. Do you all want (whoever who's in the situation paralleled to Jesus) or Darlie?" Imagine what will the students' reply be? Barabbas was considered a hero among the Jews(that's what was written in my bible).

Why did God allow this Barabbas thingy to happen? Can't it just be canceled out of His plan in Jesus' death since it seems so insignificant? Guess what does Barabbas mean? Barabbas is in Aramaic and it means "son of Abba". And Jesus died in the place of Barabbas, in the place of "son of Abba"!! Cool?

so, give us Barabbas or give us Jesus? =)

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Andrew said...

regarding this... hmm...

in what i learnt from BK, those Jews who wanted could be Barabbas's supporters... n da Jews around could be bodoh bodoh a bit that they x even know what they are shouting for...

in God's plan, there are good guys n bad gurls... oops... good guys/girls and bad guys/girls. itz up to us to choose who to be.

btw dat Darlie thing i x noe oso... haha