Monday, September 27, 2010

Immediate answered prayer

went to Kangar stadium to watch Piala Agung 2010 finals, Perlis vs Johor yesterday night.
Perlis (my place) won 4 - 0.
And i realized the perlis state players were the people i play futsal with everyday =S

Anyway, dinner wasn't provided, so i bought some roadside cucuks.
It was exposed like any roadside stalls.
Bought a few and just before shoving them into my mouth, prayed for the food t0 be cleansed.
The moment i said "amen", i took a bite, and immediately saw a bunch of fly larvae at the tip of the bitten part.
It means that if i were to take a bigger bite, i'm a maggot-eater.

My friend said eating that can cause serious food poisoning.
So, prayer realllllly answered, "Lord cleanse the food".

If i didn't pray for the food, i might be so sick right now if u offer me to be well after drinking urine, i'd even gulp down my own diarrhea like it's protein shake.