Monday, March 3, 2008

Are you Resting?

I was pondering on the question "Lord, what do You want to speak to me?" as seen in yesterday's Lent meditation(Sunday meditation) when this thought came into my mind, "are you really resting or just recuperating?"

True enough, today's devotion in e-sword by George Morrison talks about the restfulness of Christ. There are some people who impress us with their restfulness even though they may be energetic, passionate, or even, noisy or "kee siao", haha!. Yet, we just feel the restfulness that radiates out of them so strongly. The people may be our parents, our friends, the elders, the matured, it may also be(not to miss out) the children.

"They are not necessarily brilliant, nor have they any striking or unusual gifts: all we feel is that in their company there is a pleasant atmosphere of restfulness." -Morrison

Every time I read the Gospels, I can see the restfulness of Jesus radiating so strongly, that it even stills me. One of the reasons for the restfulness, as Morrison says, is the love which Jesus has. Another pillar of the restfulness of Jesus is the trust that He has in His Father. Imagine a husband betraying the trust of his wife, and the wife her husband. The next thing you'll see is the restlessness of the betrayed one, constantly checking up on the other one and doubting all that the other one is doing. Jesus is faithful to God, Jesus is restful.

Are you the kind of person whom people feel restful with?


Andrew said...

there isn't meditation article on sunday!

Addison said...

nono, not the article, just the meditation. there's a question for us wan rite asking us to meditate on one thing during Sundays..

Wendee said...

i hope i am a person people feel restful with!!

i think we can only do tht if God's joy is in us!!! wooohoooo!!

Addison said...

the devotional said more females are the kind of ppl whom ppl feel restful with than males.. =.=" haha!!