Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Story of A Stream of River

I received this msg from my friend and found it quite inspiring, enjoy reflecting upon it =)

Once, there was a small stream of river that roamed the lands in search of the vast oceans. The stream, who braved the mountains and endured through the forests, persisted forward with determination.

At last, it came before a desert. The stream then thought to itself, 'I have already persevered through so many trials, what is another one to me'. Yet, the truth differs from its hopes. The stream tried again and again to go through the desert, but each time the stream comes in contact with the desert sand, its water is absorbed by the sand. In haste, the stream said to itself, 'I have tried all that I know of. Looks like I am destined to be a norm and to never reach the oceans!'

Then, the breeze came and comforted the stream saying, "My friend, if I can pass through the desert, I believe you can do it too. You just need to change yourself".

"Change? But I have never done that before!"
The stream started thinking, 'if I really cannot do it, wouldn't I just have to destroy myself here?'

"It is because you have never really known yourself, that you say so. It is because you have never changed, that you know not the value of your own potential," Breeze said.

At last, the stream gathered its courage and, having the thought of improving itself and rising above, leaped into the breeze's embrace. The stream has been vapourized.

The next day, the vapourized stream turned into rain drops and finally has discovered the joy of reaching its goal of life - to land into the vast oceans.

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