Friday, November 12, 2010


Hi all, until further notices, (not much time to blog) I

Won't be updating anymore.

btw, i cleaned up some junks and what's left are good and inspirational stuffs i feel might benefit you. Only less than 20 posts, read it to the end if u want to. God bless =)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Falling on a grenade

I've been reading on american war heroes throwing themselves on top of live grenades, sacrificing themselves, "take one for the team", in order to protect their fellow comrades.
Of course, many of them were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by the president of america. (If you didn't know, it's like the military Nobel prize, nothing higher)
The youngest marine in history was a 17-year-old . How many 17-year-olds out there dare to even stand up for your criticized friends in school? Yet this 17 year old Jacklyn H. Lucas, threw himself on a live grenade, AND catch another one and put it under him, just his shirts being the only thing between him and the 2 grenades. It exploded and lucky for him, he didn't die. He just need to go on living with more than 200 pieces of shrapnels in his body for another 63 yrs until he was 80.

So i start wondering, how many of us are willing to take one for the team, to fall on a grenade, knowing we will be awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Immediate answered prayer

went to Kangar stadium to watch Piala Agung 2010 finals, Perlis vs Johor yesterday night.
Perlis (my place) won 4 - 0.
And i realized the perlis state players were the people i play futsal with everyday =S

Anyway, dinner wasn't provided, so i bought some roadside cucuks.
It was exposed like any roadside stalls.
Bought a few and just before shoving them into my mouth, prayed for the food t0 be cleansed.
The moment i said "amen", i took a bite, and immediately saw a bunch of fly larvae at the tip of the bitten part.
It means that if i were to take a bigger bite, i'm a maggot-eater.

My friend said eating that can cause serious food poisoning.
So, prayer realllllly answered, "Lord cleanse the food".

If i didn't pray for the food, i might be so sick right now if u offer me to be well after drinking urine, i'd even gulp down my own diarrhea like it's protein shake.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last friday i experienced ultimate provision.

As u know it's bulan Ramadan. And unfortunately, all the food stores around my hostel, ALL of them, are Malay stores. So it means no lunch for us.
Now, normally there'd be a road-side booth selling malay mixed rice, and again, unfortunately, it's Friday, the mosque day. So stepping out of the bus makes me feel like touring Sahara.

Disappointed, i went into the kedai runcit to get a loaf of bread as a substitute for rice+vege+MEAT! yes, a loaf of bread, a loaf of yeast, a bunch of fermented biological compound with added flavoured and pale taste. Anyway, it's a loaf of bread.

Telling God while going up the stairs, "nevermind man, at least i have something to fill my stomach"
And when i entered my hostel house, there on the table lay a plastic bag with a familiar polystyrene box. It's neat and i know it's RICE! Curious, and wanting to go down and buy it, i started asking where to buy it.
It's actually my house mate's breakfast. Someone bought the breakfast for him and he's supposed to eat it before his puasa starts this morning. Well, he overslept.

So, they gave me the rice, not sold to me, but GAVE! Praise the Lord
While eating, i started contemplating. The Lord, seeing that i went for days only on bread, and in His grace, gave me what i needed. And i now know a little more of how missionaries felt when their dear life hangs in line for God's grace. And only God's grace can provide. I know how the poor feel when the only thing they can hope for is Him sending some food or they die. I know but only a little of what they go through, but only a cent of the wealth of their plight.

Ultimately, we live on the crumbs of His grace

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Doxology

The morning sky
The chirping birds
The flowing streams
Praise Thy holy name

The silent glade
The rustling leaves
The feeding cattle
Praise Thy holy name

The infant cry
The youthful passion
The aging lovers
Praise Thy holy name

The love of the Father
The birth of the Son
Unbeknown to me
the woe on the Son
Unfathomable to me
the grace of the Father

The martyred Son
The Father's grief
The Resurrection
Praise Thy holy name.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look & See

Look, and you find that an african woman is craddling her child on a plain;
See, and you find that she's holding the only thing in the world she has - her child.

Look, and you find that a mother is caning her tearful child;
See, and you find that the mother is caning her tearful child in tears;

Look, and you find your friend wearing the same pair of shoes as he did 5 years ago;
See, and you find that it is the only pair of shoes your friend could afford.

Look, and you hate your friend for criticising you;
See, and you hate yourself for hating your friend in the beginning.

Are you looking, or seeing?