Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last friday i experienced ultimate provision.

As u know it's bulan Ramadan. And unfortunately, all the food stores around my hostel, ALL of them, are Malay stores. So it means no lunch for us.
Now, normally there'd be a road-side booth selling malay mixed rice, and again, unfortunately, it's Friday, the mosque day. So stepping out of the bus makes me feel like touring Sahara.

Disappointed, i went into the kedai runcit to get a loaf of bread as a substitute for rice+vege+MEAT! yes, a loaf of bread, a loaf of yeast, a bunch of fermented biological compound with added flavoured and pale taste. Anyway, it's a loaf of bread.

Telling God while going up the stairs, "nevermind man, at least i have something to fill my stomach"
And when i entered my hostel house, there on the table lay a plastic bag with a familiar polystyrene box. It's neat and i know it's RICE! Curious, and wanting to go down and buy it, i started asking where to buy it.
It's actually my house mate's breakfast. Someone bought the breakfast for him and he's supposed to eat it before his puasa starts this morning. Well, he overslept.

So, they gave me the rice, not sold to me, but GAVE! Praise the Lord
While eating, i started contemplating. The Lord, seeing that i went for days only on bread, and in His grace, gave me what i needed. And i now know a little more of how missionaries felt when their dear life hangs in line for God's grace. And only God's grace can provide. I know how the poor feel when the only thing they can hope for is Him sending some food or they die. I know but only a little of what they go through, but only a cent of the wealth of their plight.

Ultimately, we live on the crumbs of His grace

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