Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Autumn in Korea

A picture paints a thousand words, so they say, eh?

As usual, wherever I go, my love remains with me

This is what a typical Korean market looks like

me in the background
(work of Sis)

In the church, before Sunday morning service

Talk about marshmallows

At the Osanli Prayer Mountain

Our typical pose

A sight to behold


Maiorem said...

'Lame' X 1000


Christopher said...

eh eh .. hmm.. according to what i have learned.. esther is in the stage two sleep... looks like facial muscle tone is gone.. hahaha

Wendee said...

wuh! soooo cuun! and typical laaaame addi haha

Addison said...

wut de?! why is everyone saying me lame even when i'm talking about my not-lame-at-all-but-very-fun journey to Korea eh?

Maiorem said...

Your journey is definitely not lame, but can't say the same for the one who went on the journey...XD


Andrew said...

eh... i sin noe esther has a canyon between her front teeth... lol... can blackmail her with that laio

~StH3R~ said...

ahhh...i can't believe you posted the photo!!!!!! revenge in time....hahhaha

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